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Black Designer Radiators

Black Radiators

Not many things make a style statement in your home like a designer black radiator does. This flash, elegant and modern radiator shows glamour and sophistication, which in turn perfectly complements any home and interior.

Our range of high gloss black radiators have stunning individual designs which mirror their emphatic finish, this includes horizontal radiators with a tube profile, they are tall and narrow vertical designs with slick columns and intricate, cross-over styles.

Each radiator in this stunning collection has been picked not only for its impeccable style, but also for its superb hourly BTU (British Thermal Unit) rate. Our radiators boast astonishing heat outputs that will always warm your home, making it a warm, comforting and relaxing area which you love to relax in.

The stunning style of our black radiators is matched only by their magnificent heat output, and every radiator in this stunning collection has been chosen not only for its immaculate style, but also for its incredible hourly BTU (British Thermal Unit) rate. Listed next to each item, each radiators has superb heat outputs that will effortlessly warm your home, making it a warm, welcoming and soothing space which begs to be relaxed in.

Top notch materials and design ensure that all the designer radiators across our ranges are robust, durable and hard-wearing, helping you with years of the best performance and top designer looks. And, for everyone’s convenience, offer a thirty-day money back guarantee on all products, and every radiator we sell also has a manufacturer’s guarantee for further reassurances.

Despite their designer look and modern appeal, these radiators are surprisingly affordable.

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