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Chrome Towel Rails

Chrome Heated Towel Rails

A chrome heated towel rail from the range makes a classy, as well as practical addition to your home, adding to it a touch of modern class that is hard to beat. Installed in your bathroom or kitchen, a chrome heated towel rail will give you amazing warm towels throughout the year, making your living area comfortable and also look fantastic too!

A very popular choice of finish is the chrome, which can be a classic or contemporary feel, making it a superb versatile choice. With its resilient and hard-wearing style, your beautiful heated towel rail will keep its good looks, a long way down the line.

A choice from the choices makes a classy, as well as practical addition to any house, adding with it a touch of class that is hard to beat anywhere.

We offer a vast range of chrome towel radiators, which include a flat and curved ladder designs, in a range of dimensions which fit any bathroom size. For smaller suites, a nice and small 800mm x 500mm model is perfect, with larger bathrooms you can benefit from a nicely sized 1800mm x 600mm version with a huge BTU rate; so no matter what your needs are, you will find a suitable and classy heating option in this vast and impressive collection.

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