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Traditional Radiators

Traditional Style Column Radiators

If you’re the proud owner of an older home, or perhaps you just like the look of vintage interiors and have chosen this throughout your house, a lovely traditional column radiator from the’s column range could be the perfect heating option for your home.

With modern yet sturdy columns and a Victorian school feel, our traditional radiators are from a vast collection will add an excitement of authenticity to any older property or restoration project.

In our amazing collection of column radiators, you will find a staggering choice of these beautiful, well-made models, in a range of finishes to blend with, yet effortlessly improve, your charming vintage décor, including white, anthracite or a lovely high-gloss black. Our column radiators also come with a vast range of sizes and settings, from tall and narrow verticals for homes with small wall-space to compact horizontal models and everything in between.

Our stylish radiators are designed to be high-performing as they are modern looking, and each radiator in our range has a superb heat output rate, sufficient enough to heat the larger, tall rooms that older properties have.

With many options available at prices to suit any budget, it won’t be long before you can sit back and enjoy the incredible warmth and mesmerising good looks of your perfect column radiator, fitting the exact requirements of your chosen room in looks, size and performance.

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