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Radiator Valves

A designer radiator is never complete without a set of radiator valves. Being very practical as well as having a modern style, stock a vast collection of valves for all designer radiators, shapes, and sizes. You can be rest assured knowing that you’re guaranteed to find one that will complement your heating system, regardless of style, build or finish.

Our radiator valves are a very important part to any heating system and they come in two main types; thermostatic and manual. The Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) manipulate the temperature of our radiators by regulating the flow of hot water running through the radiator. Each Thermostatic radiator valve contains an amount of heat sensitive gel or liquid which contracts and grows depending on the dial setting you have set it at. You can adjust the settings with the dial, you are also able to cap the maximum temperature on that radiator.

Manual valves are a bit smaller, they don’t have a dial, and they offer a neat, basic look. Like Thermostatic radiator valves, they control the temperature of your radiator and the water flow running throughout it, but they don’t have a dial which restricts the radiator to just set temperatures. Instead, it works like a normal on and off switch which allows you to turn off the radiator without completely turning off your central heating system.

Are you unsure if you need to get angled or straight valves? Angled valves are for pipework that comes from a wall, and straight valves are for pipework that comes from the floor.

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