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Anthracite Radiators

Exciting, Modern Vertical Radiators

The anthracite vertical radiators in our expansive range of column radiators add a bold, modern touch of class to any living space you choose to place them within. For example, the powdered anthracite version confirms our vertical radiators in a classy finish. The radiators are created from the same top notch, low carbon steel which our radiators use.

The ranges of anthracite vertical radiators are in both a flat panel and round panel option. This lets you to add your personal choice of style to your home if you wish to select this colour.

Reinforced Power

The frames of our anthracite vertical radiators are created from the same chosen metal. So, we use only low carbon steel to create all of our anthracite vertical radiators, this then gives us exactly the balance required of lightness and strength. Also, the huge resistance to rust and other corrosive elements is helped with this.

This in turn keeps your radiator in peak condition for as long as possible. The operation and functionality of your anthracite vertical radiators is also of mass importance. This is because we will offer you the extra benefit and care with the service we give. What will never get cold is our excellent customer service, which is there any time to help you no matter how big or small the query.

Superb, Extra Benefits

We are there each step of the way as you upgrade your home, by phone or by email. What is exciting is our free 10 year warranty we offer. This is on your order as soon as you send it to us, and gives you mental insurance for that long period. It's the perfect way to assist with our quality products and service that we have to offer.

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